Author Toshi Iwata

Currently: Freelance flutist, member of Orchestra Chimica
Occupation: Scientist working for Beauty Care Products Development
Hobby: Classical music, cycling, running, having beer with friends
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Mr. Iwata was born and grown up in Japan, learned electric organ and piano since 4 years old from Ms. Junko Daiju. He played euphonium, trombone and bass tuba in high school wind concert bands as well as conducted the bands. In Osaka Prefecture University, while studying biochemistry, he took leadership in collage orchestra as a conductor and a flutist while studied conducting under Mr. Nobuyuki Ando and flute under Mr. Yutaka Iijima, both the members of Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1990, he was appointed to be the principal flutist in The 5th Symphony Youth Orchestra directed by Maestro Ken Takaseki, a major achievement after 3 years from switching to flute from bass tuba. After graduating the university, he took trainer's role for the orchestra for about 10 years, teaching the orchestra and young conductors. While teaching orchestra and conducting, he was the flutist and the assistant conductor for Maestro Masataka Kohno in Yamanami Grüne Orchestra in Kyoto (1992-1993), a flutist in Brazosport Symphony Orchestra in Texas, USA (1993-1994), a flutist in Niihama City Wind Orchestra (1995-1996), after returning to Osaka/Kobe area, he joined Sakai Philharmonic Orchestra as a flutist where he was appointed to be the assistant conductor as well. In year 2000 in Cincinnati, USA, he joined Cincinnati Civic Orchestra as a flutist. Returning to Kobe, he joined Miki Chamber Orchestra with hope to enjoy his flute, but was appointed as the music director where he helped to grow the orchestra for next 10 years. Besides this role, Mr. Iwata was chosen to be the conductor of Orchestra Chimica to perform the first concert after the Annual Symposium of Japanese Chemical Society. Since then he conducted this orchestra 3 times. In 2009, he was appointed as the chairman of the board of non-profit organization Greater Seishin Music Network. He resigned both the music director of Miki Chamber Orchestra and the Chairman of Greater Seishin Music Network in preparation to move to Singapore.

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